being, functioning as, or serving as a feeder.
pertaining to livestock to be fattened for market.

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Origin of feeder

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at feed, -er1

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a person or thing that feeds or is fed
a child's feeding bottle or bib
agriculture, mainly US and Canadian a head of livestock being fattened for slaughter
a person or device that feeds the working material into a system or machine
a tributary channel, esp one that supplies a reservoir or canal with water
  1. a road, service, etc, that links secondary areas to the main traffic network
  2. (as modifier)a feeder bus
  1. a transmission line connecting an aerial to a transmitter or receiver
  2. a power line for transmitting electrical power from a generating station to a distribution network
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Word Origin and History for feeder



early 15c., "one who feeds an animal;" 1560s, "one who eats;" agent noun from feed. As a mechanical apparatus, from 1660s. Of cattle and streams, by 1790s; of roads and railroads, by 1850s.

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