1. Banking. federal estate tax.

  2. Electronics. field-effect transistor.

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  1. Federal Excise Tax.

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How to use FET in a sentence

  • The pro- fyte of the dede / or the commoditie may be FET at the circumstaunce of it.

  • Again, in Lyly's "Euphues," p. 33: "That far FET and deere bought, is good for ladies."

  • Turning to Anglo-Saxon, we find that our modern English forms correspond to fot, FET; mus, mys.

    Language | Edward Sapir
  • Moreover, FET of the plural applies only to the nominative and accusative; the genitive has fota, the dative fotum.

    Language | Edward Sapir
  • Chiltren must pe FET, and clot'et; ant money ist necessary, a'ter all, for t'e harmony ant comfort of families.

    The Chainbearer | J. Fenimore Cooper

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abbreviation for
  1. field-effect transistor

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