[ feyt, fet ]
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noun,plural fetes.
  1. a day of celebration; holiday: The Fourth of July is a great American fete.

  2. a festive celebration or entertainment: The ball was the greatest fete of the season.

  1. a religious feast or festival: a fete lasting several days in honor of a saint.

verb (used with object),fet·ed, fet·ing.
  1. to entertain at or honor with a fete: to fete a visiting celebrity.

  2. to celebrate, laud, or acclaim: He was feted in the press and honored by fellow citizens.

Origin of fete

First recorded in 1745–55; from French fête “holiday, festival,” from Old French feste “feast”; see origin at feast
  • Also fête [feyt, fet; French fet]. /feɪt, fɛt; French fɛt/.

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British Dictionary definitions for fête



/ (feɪt) /

  1. a gala, bazaar, or similar entertainment, esp one held outdoors in aid of charity

  2. a feast day or holiday, esp one of religious significance

  1. Caribbean informal an organized group entertainment, esp a party or a dance

  1. (tr) to honour or entertain with or as if with a fête: the author was fêted by his publishers

  2. (intr) Caribbean informal to join in a fête

Origin of fête

C18: from French: feast

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