or fet·ich·ism

[ fet-i-shiz-uh m, fee-ti- ]
/ ˈfɛt ɪˌʃɪz əm, ˈfi tɪ- /


belief in or use of fetishes.
Psychiatry. the compulsive use of some object, or part of the body, as a stimulus in the course of attaining sexual gratification, as a shoe, a lock of hair, or underclothes.
blind devotion: a fetishism of sacrifice to one's children.

Origin of fetishism

First recorded in 1795–1805; fetish + -ism


fet·ish·ist, nounfet·ish·is·tic, adjectivefet·ish·is·ti·cal·ly, adverb
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Examples from the Web for fetishistic

  • He gives much greater development than before to the Fetishistic, and to what he terms the Theocratic, periods.

  • To the Fetishistic view of nature he evinces a partiality, which appears strange in a Positive philosopher.

British Dictionary definitions for fetishistic



/ (ˈfɛtɪˌʃɪzəm, ˈfiː-) /


a condition in which the handling of an inanimate object or a specific part of the body other than the sexual organs is a source of sexual satisfaction
belief in or recourse to a fetish for magical purposes
excessive attention or attachment to something

Derived forms of fetishism

fetishist or fetichist, nounfetishistic or fetichistic, adjective
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Medical definitions for fetishistic

[ fĕtĭ-shĭz′əm, fētĭ- ]


The act of using a fetish for sexual arousal and gratification.
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