fill away

  1. (intr, adverb) nautical to cause a vessel's sails to fill, either by steering it off the wind or by bracing the yards

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How to use fill away in a sentence

  • But in less than ten minutes, and before they had made a single mile, they saw the Josephine fill away, and stand towards them.

    Down the Rhine | Oliver Optic
  • Instead of obeying the order, the boatman hauled in his sheet, and the sloop began to fill away.

    Stand By The Union | Oliver Optic
  • The men on the ship beseeched Morgan to fill away and abandon their comrades.

    Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer | Cyrus Townsend Brady
  • As soon as they were on board of the Young America, and the barge hoisted up, orders were given to fill away again.

    Dikes and Ditches | Oliver Optic
  • The officer told Captain Tilton that when the British ensign was hauled down, he might fill away, and proceed on his voyage.

    Jack in the Forecastle | John Sherburne Sleeper