First Peoples

[ furst-pee-puhlz ]

  1. all of the Indigenous peoples of North America, or sometimes of the Americas, collectively (also used attributively): Many of the First Peoples of America are struggling to preserve their native languages.First Peoples communities must be consulted before undertaking any development in the area.

  2. First Peo·ple [furst-pee-puhl], /ˈfɜrst ˈpi pəl/, any specific Indigenous ethnic or language group of North America or the Americas: in Canada, especially the Inuit or Métis: The Métis are a First People of Canada with Aboriginal rights entrenched in the Constitution.When the Navajo First People came to the present world, they did not realize that part of the time it would be very cold.

  1. Often first peo·ples . the Indigenous peoples of Australia and New Zealand collectively (also used attributively): The museum showcases the art of our first peoples.Forming a circle is a familiar First Peoples process for sharing in a group.

  2. Often first peo·ple . any of the Indigenous ethnic or language groups of Australia or New Zealand: In the creation story of the Maori First People of New Zealand, Aoraki is the eldest son of Raki, the Sky Father.

Origin of First Peoples

First recorded in 1970–75

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British Dictionary definitions for First Peoples

First Peoples

pl n
  1. Canadian a collective term for the Native Canadian peoples, the Inuit, and the Métis

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