[ furst ]
/ fɜrst /




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Origin of first

before 1000; Middle English; Old English fyr(e)st (see fore1, -est1); cognate with German Fürst prince

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/ (fɜːsts) /

pl n

saleable goods of the highest quality


/ (fɜːst) /

adjective (usually prenominal)



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Word Origin for first

Old English fyrest; related to Old Saxon furist, Old Norse fyrstr, German Fürst prince, one who is first in rank

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adj., adv.
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Medicine definitions for firsts


[ fûrst ]


Coming before all others in order or location.
Occurring or acting before all others in time; earliest.
Being the innermost digit, especially on a foot.
Related formsfirst n.

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Idioms and Phrases with firsts


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  • first hand
  • first of all
  • first off
  • first thing
  • first things first

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  • at first blush
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  • love at first sight
  • not know beans (the first thing)
  • of the first water
  • on a first-name basis
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