[ flab-ee ]
/ ˈflæb i /

adjective, flab·bi·er, flab·bi·est.

hanging loosely or limply, as flesh or muscles; flaccid.
having such flesh.
lacking strength or determination.

Origin of flabby

1690–1700; apparently expressive alteration of earlier flappy, with same sense; see flap, -y1; compare late Middle English flabband (attested once), evidently with sense “flapping”


flab·bi·ly, adverbflab·bi·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for flabby

/ (ˈflæbɪ) /

adjective -bier or -biest

lacking firmness; loose or yieldingflabby muscles
having flabby flesh, esp through being overweight
lacking vitality; weak; ineffectual

Derived forms of flabby

flabbily, adverbflabbiness, noun

Word Origin for flabby

C17: alteration of flappy, from flap + -y 1; compare Dutch flabbe drooping lip
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