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verb (used with or without object)
  1. to give birth to (a colt or filly).

Origin of foal

before 950; (noun) Middle English fole, Old English fola; cognate with Old High German folo (German Fohlen); akin to Latin pullus young animal, Greek pôlos foal; (v.) Middle English, derivative of the noun
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Related Words for foal

offspring, fledgling, colt, filly

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Historical Examples of foal

  • For as the lion's whelp may be called a lion, or the horse's foal a foal, so the son of a king may be called a king.

  • His mare being with foal, he had chosen to make the tedious journey on foot.

    Earth's Enigmas

    Charles G. D. Roberts

  • In the course of their walk, they stopped to notice the gambols of an ass's foal.

    The Jest Book

    Mark Lemon

  • There was no staid mare to guard that foal with the dark devotion of her eye.


    John Galsworthy

  • If he does not live, he is like a foal born lame in the springtime.


    Robert Shea

British Dictionary definitions for foal


  1. the young of a horse or related animal
  1. to give birth to (a foal)

Word Origin for foal

Old English fola; related to Old Frisian fola, Old High German folo foal, Latin pullus young creature, Greek pōlos foal
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Word Origin and History for foal

Old English fola "foal, colt," from Proto-Germanic *fulon (cf. Old Saxon folo, Middle Dutch and Dutch veulen, Old Norse foli, Old Frisian fola, Old High German folo, German Fohlen, Gothic fula), from PIE *pulo- "young of an animal" (cf. Greek polos "foal," Latin pullus "a young animal," Albanian pele "mare"), from root *pau- "few, little" (see few).


"give birth (to a foal)," late 14c., from foal (n.). Related: Foaled; foaling.

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