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focusing screen

noun Photography.
  1. See under reflex camera.
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Origin of focusing screen

First recorded in 1855–60

reflex camera

  1. a camera in which the image appears on a ground-glass viewer (focusing screen) after being reflected by a mirror or after passing through a prism or semitransparent glass; in one type (single-lens reflex camera), light passes through the same lens to both the ground glass and the film, while in another type (twin-lens reflex camera), light passes through one lens (viewing lens) to the ground glass and through a second lens (taking lens) to the film, the lenses being mechanically coupled for focusing.
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Origin of reflex camera

First recorded in 1925–30
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Examples from the Web for focusing screen

Historical Examples of focusing screen

  • It is upon this focusing-screen in the roof that I see the fiducial lines by which I make all the adjustments.

    Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development

    Francis Galton

  • Nothing can be more convenient than the position of this focusing-screen for working purposes.

  • By slewing the focusing-screen as shown, a very good general focus for every ray may be obtained.

  • Just outside the camera, and in a line with the focusing-screen, is a clip carrying a vertical needle.

British Dictionary definitions for focusing screen

reflex camera

  1. a camera in which the image is composed and focused on a large ground-glass viewfinder screen. In a single-lens reflex the light enters through the camera lens and falls on the film when the viewfinder mirror is retracted. In a twin-lens reflex the light enters through a separate lens and is deflected onto the viewfinder screen
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