[ fon-dl ]
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verb (used with object),fon·dled, fon·dling.
  1. to handle or touch lovingly, affectionately, or tenderly; caress: to fondle a precious object.

  2. to molest sexually by touching or caressing.

  1. Obsolete. to treat with fond indulgence.

verb (used without object),fon·dled, fon·dling.
  1. to show fondness, as by manner, words, or caresses.

Origin of fondle

First recorded in 1685–95; from obsolete verbfond “to play the fool, dote” (derivative of adjective fond ) + -le frequentative verb suffix; see origin at fond1,-le

Other words for fondle

Other words from fondle

  • fon·dler, noun
  • o·ver·fon·dle, verb, o·ver·fon·dled, o·ver·fon·dling.
  • un·fon·dled, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for fondle


/ (ˈfɒndəl) /

  1. (tr) to touch or stroke tenderly; caress

  2. (intr) archaic to act in a loving manner

Origin of fondle

C17: from (obsolete) vb fond to fondle; see fond 1

Derived forms of fondle

  • fondler, noun
  • fondlingly, adverb

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