[ foot-lis ]

  1. lacking a foot or feet.

  2. having no support or basis; unsubstantial: footless dreams of glory.

  1. awkward, helpless, or inefficient.

Origin of footless

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at foot, -less

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How to use footless in a sentence

  • He classes dragons (which he considers as essentially winged animals) either as footless or possessing two or four feet.

    Mythical Monsters | Charles Gould
  • I said some footless thing or other to her the other day, and she turned me down, as Betty says.

    Smith College Stories | Josephine Dodge Daskam
  • It is a sort of nautical sister of the fabled bird of Paradise, which was footless, and never alighted out of the air.

  • Portuguese naturalists also represent the passaros de sol as footless, their mode of flight concealing the extremities.

  • It is a footless thing to spend valuable time in idle gossip, for the gossip is seldom a successful business man.

    Dollars and Sense | Col. Wm. C. Hunter