[ fawr-muh n, fohr- ]
/ ˈfɔr mən, ˈfoʊr- /

noun, plural fore·men.

a person in charge of a particular department, group of workers, etc., as in a factory or the like.
the member of a jury selected to preside over and speak for all the jurors on the panel.

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Origin of foreman

1175–1225; Middle English forman chief servant, steward. See fore-, man1

Related formsfore·man·ship, nounsub·fore·man, noun, plural sub·fore·men.sub·fore·man·ship, noun

Usage note

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British Dictionary definitions for foreman-ship


/ (ˈfɔːmən) /

noun plural -men

a person, often experienced, who supervises other workmenGender-neutral form: supervisor
law the principal juror, who presides at the deliberations of a juryFemale equivalent: forewoman
Derived Formsforemanship, noun


/ (ˈfɔːmən) /


George . born 1949, US boxer: world heavyweight champion (1973–74); retired in 1977 but re-entered the ring in 1987 and won the heavyweight championship in 1994 at age 45
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Word Origin and History for foreman-ship



1530s in the sense of "principal juror;" 1570s in the sense of "principal workman;" from fore- + man (n.). Earliest attested meaning (early 13c.) was "a leader." In 17c., a slang word for "penis."

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