[fawrth, fohrth]
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  1. onward or outward in place or space; forward: to come forth; go forth.
  2. onward in time, in order, or in a series: from that day forth.
  3. out, as from concealment or inaction; into view or consideration: The author's true point comes forth midway through the book.
  4. away, as from a place or country: to journey forth.
  1. Archaic. out of; forth from.

Origin of forth

before 900; Middle English, Old English; cognate with German fort; akin to further


[fawrth, fohrth]
  1. Firth of, an arm of the North Sea, in SE Scotland: estuary of Forth River. 48 miles (77 km) long.
  2. a river in S central Scotland, flowing E into the Firth of Forth. 116 miles (187 km) long. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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forward, onward, away, out, first, ahead, along, into, on, alee

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  1. forward in place, time, order, or degree
  2. out, as from concealment, seclusion, or inaction
  3. away, as from a place or country
  4. and so on; et cetera
  1. archaic out of; away from

Word Origin for forth

Old English; related to Middle High German vort; see for, further


  1. Firth of Forth an inlet of the North Sea in SE Scotland: spanned by a cantilever railway bridge 1600 m (almost exactly 1 mile) long (1889), and by a road bridge (1964)
  2. a river in S Scotland, flowing generally east to the Firth of Forth. Length: about 104 km (65 miles)
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Word Origin and History for forth

Old English forð "forward, onward, further, continually," perfective of fore, from Proto-Germanic *furtha- (cf. Old Frisian, Old Saxon forth "forward, onward," Old Norse forð, Dutch voort, German fort), from PIE *prto-, from *pr-, from root *per- (1) "forward, through" (see per).

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see and so forth; back and forth; bring forth; hold forth; put forth; set forth.

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