[ adjective, noun fawrth-rahyt, fohrth-; adverb fawrth-rahyt, fohrth-, fawrth-rahyt, fohrth- ]
/ adjective, noun ˈfɔrθˌraɪt, ˈfoʊrθ-; adverb ˌfɔrθˈraɪt, ˌfoʊrθ-, ˈfɔrθˌraɪt, ˈfoʊrθ- /


going straight to the point; frank; direct; outspoken: It's sometimes difficult to be forthright and not give offense.
proceeding in a straight course; direct; straightforward: a forthright glance.

adverb Also forthrightly.

straight or directly forward; in a direct or straightforward manner: He told us forthright just what his objections were.
straightaway; at once; immediately: He saw forthright that such an action was folly.


Archaic. a straight course or path.

Origin of forthright

before 1000; Middle English; Old English forthrihte.See forth, right


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adjective (ˈfɔːθˌraɪt)

direct and outspoken

adverb (ˌfɔːθˈraɪt, ˈfɔːθˌraɪt) forthrightly

in a direct manner; frankly
at once

Derived forms of forthright

forthrightness, noun
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