suaviter in modo, fortiter in re

[ swah-wi-ter in moh-doh, fohr-ti-ter in rey; English swav-i-ter in moh-doh, fawr-ti-ter in ree, fohr-, swah-vi-ter ]
/ ˈswɑ wɪˌtɛr ɪn ˈmoʊ doʊ, ˈfoʊr tɪˌtɛr ɪn ˈreɪ; English ˈswæv ɪ tər ɪn ˈmoʊ doʊ, ˈfɔr tɪ tər ɪn ˈri, ˈfoʊr-, ˈswɑ vɪ tər /


gently in manner, firmly in action.

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