Frankfort on the Main



a city in W central Germany, on the Main River.

Also called Frankfort.German Frank·furt am Main [frahngk-foort ahm mahyn] /ˈfrɑŋk fʊərt ɑm ˈmaɪn/, Frank·furt.

Frankfort on the Oder



a city in NE Germany, on the Oder River.
German Frank·furt an der O·der [frahngk-foort ahn duhr oh-duhr] /ˈfrɑŋk fʊərt ɑn dər ˈoʊ dər/, Frank·furt.




a small, cooked and smoked sausage of beef or beef and pork, with or without casing; hot dog; wiener.
Also frank·fort, frank·furt.

Origin of frankfurter

1890–95, Americanism; < German: Frankfort sausage; see -er1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for frankfurts



a light brown smoked sausage, made of finely minced pork or beef, often served in a bread roll

Word Origin for frankfurter

C20: short for German Frankfurter Wurst sausage from Frankfurt (am Main)



an inhabitant or native of Frankfurt
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Word Origin and History for frankfurts



"hot dog," 1894, American English, from German Frankfurter "of Frankfurt," because a smoked-beef-and-pork sausage somewhat like a U.S. hot dog was originally made in Germany, where it was associated with the city of Frankfurt am Main (literally "ford of the Franks on the River Main"). Attested from 1877 as Frankfort sausage.

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