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  1. a stock made by simmering fish, chicken, game, etc., in water, wine, or in both, often boiled down to concentrate the flavor and used as a flavoring.
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Also fu·mette [fyoo-met] /fyuˈmɛt/.

Origin of fumet

1715–25; < French: fumes, odor of wine or meat, derivative of Middle French fumer to smoke, expose to fumes
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Historical Examples

  • This was a roasted leveret, very strong of the fumet, which happened to be placed directly under his nose.

    The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom, Part I.

    Tobias Smollett

British Dictionary definitions for fumet


  1. a strong-flavoured liquor from cooking fish, meat, or game: used to flavour sauces
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Word Origin

French, literally: aroma


  1. (often plural) archaic the dropping of a deer
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Word Origin

C16 fewmet: probably via Old French from Latin fimāre to spread dung on, from fimus dung
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