[ fur-ee-er ]
/ ˈfɜr i ər /


a person who buys and sells furs, or one who makes, repairs, or cleans furs and fur garments; a fur dealer or fur dresser.

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Origin of furrier

1570–80; re-formation, perhaps after clothier, of earlier English, Middle English furrer < Anglo-French; see fur, -er2


[ fur-ee-er ]
/ ˈfɜr i ər /


comparative of furry.


[ fur-ee ]
/ ˈfɜr i /

adjective, fur·ri·er, fur·ri·est.

consisting of or resembling fur: a deep, furry rug in front of the fireplace; the furry undergrowth of the forest.
covered with fur; wearing fur: Many furry animals are in danger of becoming extinct.
obstructed or coated as if with fur: a furry voice; a furry tongue.
Slang. terrifying; hair-raising.

Origin of furry

First recorded in 1590–1600; fur + -y1

Related formsfur·ri·ly, adverbfur·ri·ness, noun

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/ (ˈfʌrɪə) /


a person whose occupation is selling, making, dressing, or repairing fur garments

Word Origin for furrier

C14: furour, from Old French fourrer to trim or line with fur


/ (ˈfɜːrɪ) /

adjective -rier or -riest

covered with fur or something furlike
of, relating to, or resembling fur
another word for furred (def. 5)
Also: furred (of the tongue) coated with whitish cellular debris
Derived Formsfurrily, adverbfurriness, noun

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