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[gal-ree, gal-uh-]
noun Gulf States (chiefly Louisiana ).
  1. gallery(def 8).
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Origin of galerie

< Louisiana French, French: gallery

galerie house

  1. (in French Louisiana) a house with its main story above the ground floor and with verandas (galeries) for both stories in tiers on at least one side.
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Contemporary Examples of galeries

Historical Examples of galeries

  • It was the man who kept a haberdasher's shop in the Galeries.


    Maurice Baring

  • While we were sitting on a seat in the Galeries the postman went by with the letters.


    Maurice Baring

  • He flew and landed on the roof of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and won a prize of $5,000 for doing it.

  • They strolled along the Galeries till they reached a shady seat where they sat down.


    Maurice Baring

  • The Galeries de Bois have been knocked to pieces these thirty years.