[ gan-tree ]
/ ˈgæn tri /

noun, plural gan·tries.

a framework spanning a railroad track or tracks for displaying signals.
any of various spanning frameworks, as a bridgelike portion of certain cranes.
Rocketry. a frame consisting of scaffolds on various levels used to erect vertically launched rockets and spacecraft.
a framelike stand for supporting a barrel or cask.
Also gauntry.

Origin of gantry

1325–75; Middle English gauntre < dialectal Old French gantier wooden stand, frame, variant of chantier < Medieval Latin cantārius < Latin canthērius < Greek kanthḗlios packass Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (ˈɡæntrɪ) /

noun plural -tries

a bridgelike framework used to support a travelling crane, signals over a railway track, etc
Also called: gantry scaffold the framework tower used to attend to a large rocket on its launching pad
a supporting framework for a barrel or cask
  1. the area behind a bar where bottles, esp spirit bottles mounted in optics, are kept for use or display
  2. the range or quality of the spirits on viewthis pub's got a good gantry

Word Origin for gantry

C16 (in the sense: wooden platform for barrels): from Old French chantier, from Medieval Latin cantārius, changed from Latin canthērius supporting frame, pack ass; related to Greek kanthēlios pack ass
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