garden warbler

  1. any of several small brownish-grey European songbirds of the genus Sylvia (warblers), esp S. borin, common in woods and hedges: in some parts of Europe they are esteemed as a delicacy

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How to use garden warbler in a sentence

  • And the garden warbler is by no means found in every garden; probably I did not hear it more than twice.

    Fresh Fields | John Burroughs
  • Beccafico, a European bird (Sylvia hortensis), the garden-warbler.

  • In size it is somewhat greater than the garden warbler, which it resembles in its homely attire.

    Reptiles and Birds | Louis Figuier
  • The garden-warbler, too, is quite a stranger, and I have never recognised it in these parts at all.

    In a Cheshire Garden | Geoffrey Egerton-Warburton