[ gas-kuh-neyd ]
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  1. extravagant boasting; boastful talk.

verb (used without object),gas·con·ad·ed, gas·con·ad·ing.
  1. to boast extravagantly; bluster.

Origin of gasconade

First recorded in 1650–60; from French gasconnade, derivative of gasconner “to boast, chatter”; see Gascon, -ade1

Other words from gasconade

  • gas·con·ad·er, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use gasconade in a sentence

  • They even gave the consuls orders to fight the enemy without delay, so great was their confidence in the gasconading Varro.

  • Your turn for gasconading, Laird of M'Aulay, is too well known, that men of honour should regard your vaunts.

    A Legend of Montrose | Sir Walter Scott
  • Jules sat beside Melinda to be comforted He wept for Honor, and praised his boy, gasconading with time-worn boasts.

    The Mothers Of Honor | Mary Hartwell Catherwood
  • He was famous for much gasconading, and a fondness for whisky and other material things.

  • I was gasconading, I suppose—talking in heroics—flinging my words to the winds, and making a fool of myself generally.

    Great Porter Square, v. 2 | Benjamin Leopold Farjeon

British Dictionary definitions for gasconade


/ (ˌɡæskəˈneɪd) rare /

  1. boastful talk, bragging, or bluster

  1. (intr) to boast, brag, or bluster

Origin of gasconade

C18: from French gasconnade, from gasconner to chatter, boast like a Gascon

Derived forms of gasconade

  • gasconader, noun

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