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a combination of gastro- and entero-: gastroenterostomy.
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What does gastroentero- mean?

Gastroentero- is a combining form used like a prefix to refer to the stomach and intestine. It is occasionally used in medical terms, especially in pathology. The form is a combination of gastro-, meaning “stomach,” and entero-, meaning “intestine.” The stomach and intestines are organs in the digestive system.

Gastro- comes from the Greek gastḗr, meaning “stomach.” Entero- comes from the Greek énteron, meaning “intestine.”

What are variants of gastroentero-?

When combined with words or word elements that begin with a vowel, gastroentero- becomes gastroenter-, as in gastroenteritis.

Examples of gastroentero-

One example of a medical term that features the combining form gastroentero- is gastroenterotomy, “incision into the stomach and the intestine.”

As we already know, gastroentero- means “stomach and intestine.” The -tomy portion of the word means “cutting, incision,” from Greek -tomia, and gastroenterotomy literally translates to “cutting of the stomach and intestine.”

What are some words that use the combining form gastroentero-?

What are some other forms that gastroentero- may be commonly confused with?

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The combining form -logy is used to name areas of study or branches of science. With this in mind, what is the medical field of gastroenterology?