[giv-uh n]
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  1. stated, fixed, or specified: at a given time.
  2. addicted or disposed (often followed by to): given to making snide remarks.
  3. bestowed as a gift; conferred.
  4. assigned as a basis of calculation, reasoning, etc.: Given A and B, C follows.
  5. Mathematics. known or independently determined: a given magnitude.
  6. (on official documents) executed and delivered as of the date shown.
  1. an established fact, condition, factor, etc.
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British Dictionary definitions for given to


  1. the past participle of give
  1. (postpositive foll by to) tending (to); inclined or addicted (to)
  2. specific or previously stated
  3. assumed as a premise
  4. maths known or determined independentlya given volume
  5. (on official documents) issued or executed, as on a stated date
  1. an assumed fact
  2. philosophy the supposed raw data of experienceSee also sense datum
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Word Origin and History for given to


past participle adjective, late 14c., "allotted, predestined," from give; also with a noun sense of "fate," reflecting an important concept in pagan Germanic ideology (Old English had giefeðe in this sense). The modern sense of "what is given, known facts" is from 1879. Given name (1827) so called because given at baptism.

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given to

Tending toward, inclined to, as in She was given to eating crackers in bed. [Late 1500s]

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