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noun, verb (used without object), glinned, glin·ning.
  1. glinn.
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or glin

  1. a bright glow in the sky close to the horizon, usually taken as a portent of a storm.
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verb (used without object)
  1. (of the sky near the horizon) to become lighter (often followed by up).
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Origin of glinn

compare Newfoundland dial. glin, glynn, glim glow from distant ice; apparently akin to glim, glimmer, though source of n is unclear
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Historical Examples of glin

  • When we made our appearance, the flure was instantly cleared for us, and then she and I danced the Humors of Glin.

    The Ned M'Keown Stories

    William Carleton

  • Ye'll nae get there under twalve mile,—or maybe saxteen, if ye attampt to walk up the glin.

    Ayala's Angel

    Anthony Trollope