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Origin of public

1400–50; < Latin pūblicus (earlier pōblicus, pōplicus, akin to populus people); replacing late Middle English publique < Middle French < Latin, as above

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British Dictionary definitions for go public



of, relating to, or concerning the people as a whole
open or accessible to allpublic gardens
performed or made openly or in the view of allpublic proclamation
(prenominal) well-known or familiar to people in generala public figure
(usually prenominal) maintained at the expense of, serving, or for the use of a communitya public library
open, acknowledged, or notoriousa public scandal
go public
  1. (of a private company) to issue shares for subscription by the public
  2. to reveal publicly hitherto confidential information


the community or people in general
a part or section of the community grouped because of a common interest, activity, etcthe racing public

Word Origin for public

C15: from Latin pūblicus, changed from pōplicus of the people, from populus people

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Word Origin and History for go public
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Idioms and Phrases with go public

go public

Become a publicly held company, that is, issue ownership shares in the form of stock. For example, As soon as the company grows a little bigger and begins to show a profit, we intend to go public. [Mid-1900s]


see go public; in public; in the public eye; John Doe (Q. Public); wash one's dirty linen in public.

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