[ goh-ing ]
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  1. the act of leaving or departing; departure: a safe going and quick return.

  2. the condition of surfaces, as those of roads, for walking or driving: After the heavy rain, the going was bad.

  1. progress; advancement: With such slow going, the work is behind schedule.

  2. Usually goings. behavior; conduct; deportment.

  1. moving or working, as machinery.

  2. active, alive, or existing.

  1. continuing to operate or do business, especially in a successful manner: a going company.

  2. current; prevalent; usual: What is the going price of good farmland in this area?

  3. leaving; departing.

Idioms about going

  1. get going, to begin; get started.

  2. going away, Sports. by a wide margin, especially as established in the late stages of a contest: The champion won the bout going away.

  1. going on,

    • nearly; almost: It's going on four o'clock.

    • happening: What's going on here?

    • continuing; lasting: That party has been going on all night.

Origin of going

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English; see go1, -ing1, -ing2

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How to use going in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for going


/ (ˈɡəʊɪŋ) /

  1. a departure or farewell

  2. the condition of a surface such as a road or field with regard to walking, riding, etc: muddy going

  1. informal speed, progress, etc: we made good going on the trip

  1. thriving (esp in the phrase a going concern)

  2. current or accepted, as from past negotiations or commercial operation: the going rate for electricians; the going value of the firm

  1. (postpositive) available: the best going

  2. going, going, gone! a statement by an auctioneer that the bidding has finished

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