[gawn, gon]
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  1. departed; left.
  2. lost or hopeless.
  3. ruined.
  4. that has passed away; dead.
  5. past.
  6. weak and faint: a gone feeling.
  7. used up.
  8. Slang.
    1. pregnant: two months gone.
    2. great; outstanding.
    3. exhilarated; inspired.
  1. far gone,
    1. much advanced; deeply involved.
    2. nearly exhausted; almost worn out.
    3. dying: The rescue party finally reached the scene of the crash, but most of the survivors were already far gone.
  2. gone on, Informal. infatuated with; in love with: He is still gone on the woman who jilted him.
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British Dictionary definitions for gone on


  1. the past participle of go 1
adjective (usually postpositive)
  1. ended; past
  2. lost; ruined (esp in the phrases gone goose or gosling)
  3. dead or near to death
  4. spent; consumed; used up
  5. informal faint or weak
  6. informal having been pregnant (for a specified time)six months gone
  7. (usually foll by on) slang in love (with)
  8. slang in an exhilarated state, as through music or the use of drugs
  9. gone out informal blank and without comprehension, as if stupefied in surprise
  1. pastit's gone midnight
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Word Origin and History for gone on


past participle of go.

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Idioms and Phrases with gone on


In addition to the idioms beginning with gone

  • gone coon, a
  • gone goose
  • gone with the wind

also see:

  • a goner
  • all gone
  • dead and buried (gone)
  • far gone
  • going, going, gone
  • here today, gone tomorrow
  • to hell and gone

Also see undergo.

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