wading birds, Modern Latin, from Latin grallotores "stilt-walkers," plural of grallator, from grallae "stilts," ultimately from stem of gradi "to walk, go" (see grade (n.)). Related: Grallatorial (1835).

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Historical Examples of grallatores

  • Of the thirty species of grallatores the most remarkable is the emu.

  • This arrangement is constant in grallatores (wading birds), gallinaceæ (domestic fowls), and raptores (birds of prey).

  • It woke the grallatores of the swamp—the qua-bird, the curlews, and the tall blue herons—who screamed in concert.

    The Quadroon

    Mayne Reid

  • In certain anatomical points, and especially 383 in their habits, the Brevipenn differ greatly from the other Grallatores.

    Reptiles and Birds

    Louis Figuier

  • Abundance of water makes the provinces of Shoa a favourite place of resort to many species of Grallatores.

    The Highlands of Ethiopia

    William Cornwallis Harris