[ hab-er-dash-er ]
/ ˈhæb ərˌdæʃ ər /


a retail dealer in men's furnishings, as shirts, ties, gloves, socks, and hats.
Chiefly British. a dealer in small wares and notions.

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Origin of haberdasher

1275–1325; Middle English haberdasshere, of obscure origin; compare Anglo-French habredache haberdashery, hapertas perhaps a kind of cloth

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British Dictionary definitions for haberdasher


/ (ˈhæbəˌdæʃə) /


British a dealer in small articles for sewing, such as buttons, zips, and ribbons
US a men's outfitter

Word Origin for haberdasher

C14: from Anglo-French hapertas small items of merchandise, of obscure origin

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Word Origin and History for haberdasher



early 14c., "seller of various small articles of trade" (late 13c. as a surname), agent noun from Anglo-French hapertas "small wares," also a kind of fabric, of unknown origin. Sense of "dealer in men's wares" is 1887 in American English, via intermediate sense of "seller of caps."

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