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[huh-gah-duh; Sephardic Hebrew hah-gah-dah; Ashkenazic Hebrew hah-gaw-duh]
noun, plural Hebrew Hag·ga·doth, Hag·ga·dot, Hag·ga·dos [Sephardic Hebrew hah-gah-dawt; Ashkenazic Hebrew hah-gaw-dohs] /Sephardic Hebrew hɑ gɑˈdɔt; Ashkenazic Hebrew hɑˈgɔ doʊs/, English Hag·ga·das.
  1. Haggadah(def 1).
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Historical Examples

  • It must, of course, be borne in mind that Halacha and Haggada are not separate works; they are two fibres of the same thread.

    Jewish Literature and Other Essays

    Gustav Karpeles

  • The Haggada conveys its poetic message in the garb of allegory song, and chiefly epigrammatic saying.

  • Poets naturally have not been slow to avail themselves of the material stored in the Haggada.

  • That is a glimpse of the world of the Haggada—a wonderful, fantastic world, a kaleidoscopic panorama of enchanting views.

  • We must be able to answer the latter question before we may venture to classify the folklore of the Haggada.