[ huh-gah-duh; Sephardic Hebrew hah-gah-dah; Ashkenazic Hebrew hah-gaw-duh ]
/ həˈgɑ də; Sephardic Hebrew hɑ gɑˈdɑ; Ashkenazic Hebrew hɑˈgɔ də /

noun, plural Sephardic Hebrew Hag·ga·doth, Hag·ga·dot [hah-gah-dawt] /hɑ gɑˈdɔt/, Ashkenazic Hebrew Hag·ga·dos [hah-gaw-dohs] /hɑˈgɔ doʊs/, English Hag·ga·das.

a book containing the liturgy for the Seder service on the Jewish festival of Passover.

Origin of Haggadah

From Hebrew; see origin at Aggadah

Related forms

hag·gad·ic [huh-gad-ik, -gah-dik] /həˈgæd ɪk, -ˈgɑ dɪk/, hag·gad·i·cal, adjective
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/ (həˈɡɑːdə, Hebrew haɡaˈdaː, -ɡɔˈdɔ) /

noun plural -dahs, -das or -doth (Hebrew -ˈdoːt) Judaism

  1. a book containing the order of service of the traditional Passover meal
  2. the narrative of the Exodus from Egypt that constitutes the main part of that serviceSee also Seder
another word for Aggadah

Derived Forms

haggadic (həˈɡædɪk, -ˈɡɑː-) or haggadical, adjective

Word Origin for Haggadah

C19: from Hebrew haggādāh a story, from hagged to tell
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