[ huh-gah-duh; Sephardic Hebrew hah-gah-dah; Ashkenazic Hebrew hah-gaw-duh ]

noun,plural Sephardic Hebrew Hag·ga·doth, Hag·ga·dot [hah-gah-dawt], /hɑ gɑˈdɔt/, Ashkenazic Hebrew Hag·ga·dos [hah-gaw-dohs], /hɑˈgɔ doʊs/, English Hag·ga·das.
  1. a book containing the liturgy for the Seder service on the Jewish festival of Passover.

Origin of Haggadah

From Hebrew; see origin at Aggadah

Other words from Haggadah

  • hag·gad·ic [huh-gad-ik, -gah-dik], /həˈgæd ɪk, -ˈgɑ dɪk/, hag·gad·i·cal, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for Haggadah



/ (həˈɡɑːdə, Hebrew haɡaˈdaː, -ɡɔˈdɔ) /

nounplural -dahs, -das or -doth (Hebrew -ˈdoːt) Judaism
    • a book containing the order of service of the traditional Passover meal

    • the narrative of the Exodus from Egypt that constitutes the main part of that service: See also Seder

  1. another word for Aggadah

Origin of Haggadah

C19: from Hebrew haggādāh a story, from hagged to tell

Derived forms of Haggadah

  • haggadic (həˈɡædɪk, -ˈɡɑː-) or haggadical, adjective

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