[ hah-law-khuh; Sephardic Hebrew hah-lah-khah; Ashkenazic Hebrew hah-law-khaw ]

noun,plural Ha·la·chas, Hebrew Ha·la·choth, Ha·la·chot, Ha·la·chos [Sephardic Hebrew hah-lah-khawt; Ashkenazic Hebrew hah-law-khohs]. /Sephardic Hebrew hɑ lɑˈxɔt; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˌhɑ lɔˈxoʊs/. (often lowercase)

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How to use Halacha in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Halacha


Halaka or Halakha

/ (Hebrew hɑlɑˈxɑː, Yiddish hɑˈloxə) /

    • Jewish religious law

    • a ruling on some specific matter

    • that part of the Talmud which is concerned with legal matters as distinct from homiletics

    • Jewish legal literature in general

Origin of Halacha

from Hebrew hǎlākhāh way

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