[ haf-kok, hahf- ]
/ ˈhæfˈkɒk, ˈhɑf- /

verb (used with object)

to set the hammer of (a firearm) at half cock.

Origin of half-cock

First recorded in 1825–35

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[ haf-kokt, hahf- ]
/ ˈhæfˈkɒkt, ˈhɑf- /


(of a firearm) at the position of half cock.
lacking mature consideration or enough preparation; ill-considered or ill-prepared; half-baked.

Origin of half-cocked

First recorded in 1800–10
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British Dictionary definitions for half cocked (1 of 2)



on a single-action firearm, a halfway position in which the hammer can be set for safety; in this position the trigger is cocked by the hammer which cannot reach the primer to fire the weapon
go off at half-cock or go off half-cocked
  1. to fail as a result of inadequate preparation or premature starting
  2. to act or function prematurely

British Dictionary definitions for half cocked (2 of 2)



(of a firearm) at half-cock
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