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[hawl-stat-n, hahl-shtaht-n]
adjective Archaeology.
  1. of, relating to, or belonging to a variously dated early period of Iron Age culture in Europe, characterized by the use of bronze, the introduction of iron, and by artistic work in pottery, jewelry, etc.
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Also Hall·stat·ti·an [hawl-stat-ee-uh n, hahl-shtaht-] /hɔlˈstæt i ən, hɑlˈʃtɑt-/, Hall·statt [hawl-stat, hahl-shtaht] /ˈhɔl stæt, ˈhɑl ʃtɑt/, Hall·stad·tan, Hall·stadt.

Origin of Hallstattan

1865–70; Hallstatt, village in central Austria where remains were found + -an
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