[ hah-muh n-tahsh, huhm-uh n-, hoo m- ]
/ ˈhɑ mənˌtɑʃ, ˈhʌm ən-, ˈhʊm- /

noun, plural ha·man·tasch·en [hah-muh n-tah-shuh n, huhm-uh n-, hoo m-] /ˈhɑ mənˌtɑ ʃən, ˈhʌm ən-, ˈhʊm-/. Jewish Cookery.

a small triangular cake often made with yeast and filled with a mixture of poppy seeds and honey or with prune paste, prepared especially for the festival of Purim.

Origin of hamantasch

< Yiddish homentash, equivalent to homen Haman + tash pouch, pocket (compare Middle High German tasche, Old High German tasca; akin to task)
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