hang around

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Spend time idly, loiter, as in Every afternoon they could be found hanging around the mall. [Mid-1800s] Also see hang out, def. 4.


Keep company or consort with someone, as in The younger campers loved to hang around the older ones. [Mid-1800s] Also see hang out, def. 5.

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What does hang around mean?

Hang around means to lounge or linger or to spend time with someone.

If you are hanging around a place, you’re passing time there without doing much, as in My job as a mall security guard meant I spent most of my time hanging around the mall.

If you are hanging around another person, you are keeping them company, as in I like to hang around with my friends on the weekend.

Example: We spent most of our summer vacation hanging around the lake and relaxing.

Where does hang around come from?

The first records of hang around come from the mid-1800s. It combines the words hang, meaning “to attach to allow free movement,” and around, meaning “somewhere near or about.”

Sometimes, hang around implies that a person is unwelcome, is up to no good, or is a trespasser. For example, someone might say I saw some suspicious men hanging around the bank.

A similar negative sense is implied when a person uses hang around in reference to people or a group they don’t like, as in Son, I don’t want you hanging around those slick business types. You can’t trust them!

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Hang around is a common phrase that means to spend time somewhere or with someone.

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If you are hanging around with your sister, you are avoiding each other.

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