[ hap ]
/ hæp /


one's luck or lot.
an occurrence, happening, or accident.

verb (used without object), happed, hap·ping.

to happen: if it so hap.

Origin of hap

1150–1200; Middle English < Old Norse happ luck, chance; akin to Old English gehæp fit, convenient; probably akin to OCS kobŭ auspice, Old Irish cob victory

Definition for happing (2 of 2)

[ hap, ap ]
/ hæp, æp /
Chiefly Pennsylvania.


a comforter or quilt.

verb (used with object)

to cover with or as with a comforter or quilt.

Origin of hap

1350–1400; Middle English happen to cover; perhaps blend of lappen lap2 and Old French happer to seize
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British Dictionary definitions for happing (1 of 2)

/ (hæp) /

noun archaic

luck; chance
an occurrence

verb haps, happing or happed

(intr) an archaic word for happen

Word Origin for hap

C13: from Old Norse happ good luck; related to Old English gehæplic convenient, Old Slavonic kobǔ fate

British Dictionary definitions for happing (2 of 2)

/ (hæp) Scot and Eastern British dialect /

verb (tr)

to cover up; wrap up warmly


a covering of any kind

Word Origin for hap

C14: perhaps of Norse origin
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