[ hahr-muh-nahyz ]
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verb (used with object),har·mo·nized, har·mo·niz·ing.
  1. to bring into harmony, accord, or agreement: to harmonize one's views with the new situation.

  2. Music. to accompany with appropriate harmony.

verb (used without object),har·mo·nized, har·mo·niz·ing.
  1. to be in agreement in action, sense, or feeling: Though of different political parties, all the delegates harmonized on civil rights.

  2. to sing in harmony.

Origin of harmonize

First recorded in 1475–85; late Middle English, also armonise, from Middle French harmoniser, equivalent to harmonie + -iser, verb suffix; see harmony, -ize
  • Also especially British, har·mo·nise .

Other words for harmonize

Other words from harmonize

  • har·mo·niz·a·ble, adjective
  • har·mo·ni·za·tion, noun
  • har·mo·niz·er, noun
  • re·har·mo·nize, verb (used with object), re·har·mo·nized, re·har·mo·niz·ing.
  • un·har·mo·nize, verb (used with object), un·har·mo·nized, un·har·mo·niz·ing.

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How to use harmonize in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for harmonize



/ (ˈhɑːməˌnaɪz) /

  1. to make or become harmonious

  2. (tr) music to provide a harmony for (a melody, tune, etc)

  1. (intr) to sing in harmony, as with other singers

  2. to collate parallel narratives

Derived forms of harmonize

  • harmonizable or harmonisable, adjective

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