haute couture

[ oht koo-toor; French oht koo-tyr ]
/ ˌoʊt kuˈtʊər; French oʊt kuˈtür /
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high fashion; the most fashionable and influential dressmaking and designing.
the fashions so created.
the leading dressmaking establishments in the world of fashion, considered collectively.
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Origin of haute couture

From French
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What does haute couture mean?

Haute couture refers to the world of high fashion and custom-made garments.

The phrase comes from French and translates as “high sewing” or “high dressmaking.” It is synonymous with high fashion.

Haute couture can refer to high fashion designers collectively, their profession, the clothes designed by them, or their businesses.

The word couture can also be used by itself as a shortening of haute couture or to refer to or describe clothing that was designed by a fashion designer or has that level of quality.

Example: She’s known for wearing haute couture looks that are straight from the runway.

Where does haute couture come from?

The first records of haute couture in English come from the early 1900s. In French, haute means “high” and couture means “sewing” or “dressmaking.”

In France, clothing cannot be labeled haute couture unless it meets certain standards set by an official organization. Garments that are considered haute couture are designed by a fashion designer and handmade. Such garments are typically custom-made specifically for the people who will wear them, usually models and wealthy clients. While haute couture is often used as a noun, it is also used as a modifier in phrases like haute couture look and haute couture collection.

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How is haute couture used in real life?

Haute couture is always used in the context of fashion, especially to refer to the most high-end or exclusive designer and designs.


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The haute couture that has been featured at fashion week took hundreds of hours to make by hand.

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British Dictionary definitions for haute couture

haute couture
/ French (ot kutyr) /

high fashion

Word Origin for haute couture

literally: high dressmaking
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