[ heep ]
/ hip /


verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

to become heaped or piled, as sand or snow; rise in a heap or heaps (often followed by up).

Idioms for heap

    all of a heap, Informal.
    1. overwhelmed with astonishment; amazed: We were struck all of a heap upon hearing of their divorce.
    2. suddenly; abruptly: All of a heap the room was empty.

Origin of heap

before 900; 1925–30 for def 3; Middle English heep, Old English hēap; cognate with Dutch hoop, Old High German houf; akin to German Haufe


heap·er, nounheap·y, adjectiveo·ver·heap, verb (used with object)un·heaped, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for heaper

/ (hiːp) /



heaps (intensifier)he said he was feeling heaps better


(often foll by up or together) to collect or be collected into or as if into a heap or pileto heap up wealth
(tr; often foll by with, on, or upon) to load or supply (with) abundantlyto heap with riches

Derived forms of heap

heaper, noun

Word Origin for heap

Old English héap; related to Old Frisian hāp, Old Saxon hōp, Old High German houf
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