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also heehaw, first recorded 1815 (as Hiu Haw), probably imitative of sound of donkey's bray (cf. French hinham). As "a loud laugh" from 1843.

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snicker, guffaw, cackle, chuckle, sneer, smirk, chortle, giggle, smile, laugh, snigger, titter, twitter, hee-haw, yell, neigh, knock, mock, crow, snort

Examples from the Web for hee-haw

Historical Examples

  • But on a sudden we did hear a noise—a rattling and "Hee-haw!"

    Pluck on the Long Trail

    Edwin L. Sabin

  • (Antistrophe) Hee-haw, Remus can saw, Romulus tries to make plaster.


    Talbot Baines Reed

  • From the woods at his left came the protesting "hee-haw" of a mule.

  • It had never wagged its tail, or tossed its head, or said, "Hee-haw!"

  • During the second day her burro gave a rasping bray, and a hee-haw answered from the bush.