[ hik-uh-ree, hik-ree ]
/ ˈhɪk ə ri, ˈhɪk ri /

noun, plural hick·o·ries.

any of several North American trees belonging to the genus Carya, of the walnut family, certain species of which bear edible nuts or yield a valuable wood.Compare pecan, shagbark.
the wood of any of these trees.
a switch, stick, etc., of this wood.
Baseball Slang. a baseball bat.
Also called hickory cloth, hickory stripe. a strong fabric of twill construction, used chiefly in the manufacture of work clothes.

Origin of hickory

1610–20, Americanism; earlier pohickery < Virginia Algonquian (E spelling) pocohiquara a milky drink prepared from hickory nuts

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[ hik-uh-ree, hik-ree ]
/ ˈhɪk ə ri, ˈhɪk ri /


a city in W North Carolina.
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/ (ˈhɪkərɪ) /

noun plural -ries

any juglandaceous tree of the chiefly North American genus Carya, having nuts with edible kernels and hard smooth shellsSee also pecan, pignut (def. 1), bitternut (def. 1), shagbark
the hard tough wood of any of these trees
the nut of any of these trees
a switch or cane made of hickory wood

Word Origin for hickory

C17: from earlier pohickery, from Algonquian pawcohiccora food made from ground hickory nuts
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