Himalayan tahr


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or thar

[ tahr ]
/ tɑr /


any of several Old World wild goats of the genus Hemitragus, as H. jemlahicus (Himalayan tahr), introduced into New Zealand, having a long mane and short, stout, recurving horns: most are endangered or threatened in their native regions.

Origin of tahr

First recorded in 1832, tahr is from the Nepali word thār
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British Dictionary definitions for himalayan tahr

/ (tɑː) /


any of several goatlike bovid mammals of the genus Hemitragus, such as H. jemlahicus (Himalayan tahr), of mountainous regions of S and SW Asia, having a shaggy coat and curved horns

Word Origin for tahr

C19: variation of Nepali thār
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