[ hob ]
/ hɒb /


a hobgoblin or elf.

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    play hob with, to do mischief or harm to: The child played hob with my radio, and now it won't work at all.
    raise hob, to cause a destructive commotion; behave disruptively: They raised such hob with their antagonistic questions that the meeting broke up.

Origin of hob

1275–1325; Middle English, special use of Hob, for Robert or Robin

Related formshob·like, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for hoblike


/ (hɒb) /


British the flat top part of a cooking stove, or a separate flat surface, containing hotplates or burners
a shelf beside an open fire, for keeping kettles, etc, hot
a steel pattern used in forming a mould or die in cold metal
a hard steel rotating cutting tool used in machines for cutting gears

verb hobs, hobbing or hobbed

(tr) to cut or form with a hob

Word Origin for hob

C16: variant of obsolete hubbe, of unknown origin; perhaps related to hub


/ (hɒb) /


a hobgoblin or elf
a male ferret
raise hob or play hob US informal to cause mischief or disturbance
Derived Formshoblike, adjective

Word Origin for hob

C14: variant of Rob, short for Robin or Robert

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