/ (hɒnˈdjʊərən) /

  1. of or relating to Honduras or its inhabitants

  1. a native or inhabitant of Honduras

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How to use Honduran in a sentence

  • Castellon's Honduran allies had been abruptly recalled to meet an invasion of their own country by Guatemala.

    By-Ways of War | James Jeffrey Roche
  • Two cutters, with forty English marines and 200 Honduran soldiers, landed at the filibusters' camp on Sept. 3.

    By-Ways of War | James Jeffrey Roche
  • The dark eyes of the Honduran capitalist bored him through and through.

    Forbidden Cargoes | Roy J. Snell
  • He placed my trunk in the room I was to occupy, and set out some very strong Honduran cigars and a bottle of Jamaica rum.

    Captain Macklin | Richard Harding Davis
  • At that moment a tall, dark Honduran came walking rapidly across the plaza.

    Forbidden Cargoes | Roy J. Snell