horned owl

  1. any large owl of the genus Bubo, having prominent ear tufts: family Strigidae

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How to use horned owl in a sentence

  • A horned owl, with eyes like auntie's when she looks "'stonished."

    Prudy Keeping House | Sophie May
  • A little screech owl tuned up in the distance, a barn owl replied, and a great horned owl drowned both their voices.

    A Girl Of The Limberlost | Gene Stratton Porter
  • It is then the great horned owl of the swamp courts his mate, the big hawks pair, and even the crows begin to take notice.

    A Girl Of The Limberlost | Gene Stratton Porter
  • Bottles of liquids stood in the corners, and over the door was a stuffed horned owl mounted on a tree branch.

    The Blind Lion of the Congo | Elliott Whitney
  • It is frequently called the “Little horned owl,” because of its ear tufts.

    Western Bird Guide | Chester A. (Chester Albert) Reed, Harry F. Harvey, and Rex I. Brasher