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housing development


  1. a group of houses or apartments, usually of the same size and design, often erected on a tract of land by one builder and controlled by one management.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of housing development1

First recorded in 1950–55
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Example Sentences

In it, he documents local restrictions on housing development, arguing they have become so overbearing that the increase in the cost of housing and rents has made moving to a better place impossible for millions of Americans.

From Vox

The top 50 owners of affordable housing developments have the reach to connect tech developers with almost a million households.

Researchers, however, have long struggled to determine how much of the rising costs are due to additional housing development to serve a growing population, as well as increases in property values.

We will incentivize middle-and low-income housing development so San Diegans have a pathway to put down roots and build generational wealth.

We are trying to turn a public housing development called Marlboro Projects, we want to spend close to $13 million to build a two-story greenhouse that’s going to teach farming, education around farming, and how to deal with food deserts.

From Eater

He stopped at one point to ask someone directions to a particular housing development.

Somehow power in my housing development was restored about an hour after I came home.

The first rape occurred in May of 1991 in a new housing development in North Potomac.

Then, he attacked a mother of two who lived near a new housing development.

A model housing development of 346 houses in the new north end has followed the disaster.


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